Insight U - March Meeting


Start 30 March, 2022, 5 PM

End 6 PM

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Insight U will be taking place online.

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Sandra Monteiro



Insight U is a community of practice for simulation based learning in health care. The meeting is coordinated by Dr. Sandra Monteiro, Director of Scholarship at the CSBL and Scientist with MERIT. At each meeting, local simulation scholars gather to discuss innovations or research related to the use of simulation technology to improve teaching and learning or health care. Insight U also profiles local scholars to highlight their work.

Please consider sharing your work with us to help strengthen this community. If you wish to be added to the mailing list for this group please contact Dr. Monteiro by email:

Drs. Arianna Mazzeo and Yusuf Yilmaz

"Metaverse: Revolutionizing Medical Education. Co-design simulations and new perceptions"

A growing number of physicians and professionals are using virtual reality and augmented reality to teach other doctors and medical staff. The prefix “meta,” which refers to the virtual world, plus the suffix “verse,” which refers to the physical world, make up the term metaverse. Metaverse is not a new concept as the earlier version of this medium was introduced (e.g., Second Life). Metaverse became popular as people’s expectations changed overtime. Since metaverse programs are still in the experimental stage, particularly in medical education, it won’t be easy to validate them for now but for sure create possible scenarios, and consequently, new perceptions and audiences. It is apparent that the metaverse and alternate platforms will be around for a while. This event will open eyes about the revolution medical education is undertaking via the metaverse as a new language of interdisciplinarity and interoperability. As a community of practice, we will aim to discuss metaverse as a possible potential medium and application for healthcare innovation, simulation and design scenarios from its infancy.

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