MIRC's Seminar Series Online-Immunology and Infection Program(IIP)


Start 26 May, 2021, 9 AM

End 10 AM

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Title: "The Sweet Side of Health and Disease: Chemical Biology Tools to Probe the Function of Carbohydrates and Glyco-Engineer Therapeutics"

Abstract: The thick “sugar coating” that covers all of our cells plays important roles in biology and disease. For instance, the complex carbohydrate structures found in this coating, called glycans, change to abnormal states in diseases like cancer. However, understanding how glycans affect biological processes and how we can target these molecules for therapies has been difficult. As a result, novel chemical biology tools are needed to meet the demand for new information and advance our understanding of the function of these important biomolecules. In this talk, the interdisciplinary approaches the Capicciotti Group is employing to tackle the challenge of studying glycan function in cells will be described. Using chemical and biochemical strategies, we are examining the roles of precise complex glycan structures in immunological and inflammatory responses, and how specific glycan-protein interactions influence cancer immune-evasion. Approaches towards glyco-engineering antibody-drug conjugates and identifying novel glycan biomarkers as therapeutics targets to facilitate the development of glycan-based strategies for combatting disease will also be discussed.

The seminar will be hosted by Dr. Anthony Rullo

Trainees: There is a roundtable discussion with our IIP speaker. Please join Rullo lab members and Dr. Capicciotti at 12 p.m.

Please contact admin for the details/zoom links. 

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