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TDAG51, a novel target for fatty liver disease; Artificial Intelligence in lung cancer diagnosis


Start 11 November, 2019, 4 15 PM

End 5 15 PM


1280 Main Street West - MDCL 3020




The room for the seminar is located at level 3 of the Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery (MDCL).

Contact Info

Dr. Kjetil Ask and Victoria Bryczka

Phone: 905-521-2100 Ext. 33683



TDAG21 and AI in lung cancer

TDAG51, a novel target for fatty liver disease


Tamana Yousof, H.B.Sc., Bachelors of Science, McMaster University.; PhD student in Dr. Richard Austin’s lab, conducting research in the field of obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Learning objectives
  • Understanding TDAG51's role in obesity, insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis
  • Investigating liver-specific overexpression of TDAG51 in genetic and diet-induced models of obesity
  • Future directions: therapeutic avenues and collaborations

Artificial intelligence: The next frontier in lung cancer diagnosis


Isabella Churchill, MSc Thesis Student, Health Research Methodology Program, McMaster University

Learning objectives
  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence can be used for malignancy prediction and diagnostic purposes
  • Learn about the importance of collaboration for research projects

Seminar Poster:

TDAG51, a novel target for fatty liver disease; Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Lung Cancer Diagnosis