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The aim of this series is to showcase various rare lung diseases that are not widely researched. Examples include Langerhans cell histiocytosis, pulmonary ossification and pulmonary amyloidosis. Despite their rarity, these diseases have often profound effects on patients and their loved ones. We hope to shed some light on the complexities of these respective diseases. We have aimed to include a background overview of each disease, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, treatments when available, and current diagnoses.

Our goal is to raise awareness and contribute to the increased understanding of these rare lung diseases. The resources in this series aim to educate patients, families, healthcare providers, students and the general public who is interested in rare lung diseases.

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Author Details


  • Respirologists, Drs. Chong, Cox, Kolb
  • Pathologists, Drs. Naqvi and Zafar

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