Demystifying Medicine Video

With the incidence of brain cancer on the rise, clinical trials are a great tool for the investigation of safety and efficacy of various drugs in the human system, with the propensity to prevent and rid patients of disease. Many aspects of this topic should be taken into account including the patients’ perspective, which can often become secondary to the drug’s success or marketability. This video focuses on the importance of clinical trials and resources available to brain cancer patients and their families from the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. As indicated by a 2017 study (DasMahapatra et. al), patients are willing to enrol into clinical trials upon receiving detailed information. This video addresses patients’ concerns and provides them with support and research-based knowledge to make an informed decision regarding whether they wish to participate in a clinical trial.

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Resource Links

Clinical Trial Paper

This paper describes an ethical dilemma for patients eligible for multiple clinical trials, with the decision to choose one of the following options:

  1. Let patient choose after full disclosure (i.e. discuss risks and treatment),
  2. Have healthcare provider choose in paternalistic approach or
  3. Employ random approach of either option.