Demystifying Medicine Video

This video depicts the processes involved in end-stage renal disease (ESRD), or more simply, kidney failure, and the course of action for a common treatment named Peritoneal Dialysis. The video, inspired by the TV show series Grey’s Anatomy, is set at a hospital. Highlighted by a lead doctor, two interns and a patient, it educates a high school audience about kidney failure using a hospital scenario in which the doctor assesses the patient’s medical situation. Dr. Maroon, portraying the arrogance and authoritarian nature of the doctors on the show, Grey’s Anatomy, repeatedly questions the interns regarding their knowledge of medicine or lack thereof. The two interns, dealing with the difficulties of a strict doctor, also play a crucial role in educating the audience about the specifics of kidney failure by showing the differences between a fully functioning kidney and a diseased kidney with the help of human kidney specimens.

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