Demystifying Medicine Video

Dr. Morteza Ahmadi talks about the development of an implantable bioartificial kidney.

  • Demand for kidney transplants significantly exceeds the supply
  • Not much new development in technology since dialysis machine in 1943
  • Challenges: technological, financial (high-risk investment), regulatory and reimbursement.
  • What is the direction of innovation for renal replacement? miniaturization: wearable or implantable
  • Implantable kidneys: cell-seeded decellularized rat kidney, 3D printing kidneys and UCSF implantable bioartificial kidney
  • Use nanoporous silicon membranes to filter blood
  • Solute filtration, hemolysis, hemocompatibility, code silicon with blood compatible material and cell adhesion
  • Use combination of two nanofilters
  • Nanofilter properties: hemo compatibility, durability and mimicking kidney filtration
  • Animal testing for artificial kidney device

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