Demystifying Medicine Video

The definition of sepsis was last reviewed in 2001, but modern advancements in medicine have revealed insights into its pathobiology, management and epidemiology, prompting a need for reexamining this definition. As of February 2016, sepsis is defined as a life-threatening organ dysfunction triggered by a dysregulated host response to infection. Early recognition, accurate diagnosis and treatment within the first hour can significantly increase the chance of recovery and prevent the debilitating long term impacts following treatment. Madelynn Fairman is an ICU nurse from the Hamilton Health Sciences, who courageously shares her personal journey and road to recovery after sepsis. This video presents one patient’s experience in her life after sepsis and what it means for clinical practitioners, family members and the patient.

A special acknowledgment and warm thank you to Madelynn Fairman for allowing us to interview her and providing her raw, unaltered story with sepsis. Thank you for your desire to give back to the community with your experience.

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