Demystifying Medicine Video

Stressed about exams? Worried about those upcoming final papers? This video describes services available on campus at McMaster University such as the Student Success Centre, libraries and personal wellness services such as the Student Wellness Centre and other support services. These resources are readily available and convenient on campus and help students to cope with and overcome stress and anxiety.

Video by by Dr. Renee Labiris' Health Science 4DM3 Core:

Group 1: Mawleshan Pathmarajah, Dana Abu-Jazar, Hina Abdulla, Hassan Al Saleh, Aunima Bhuiya
Group 2: Alexandra Annibale, Harsimrat Birdi, Amanda Vincci Chiu, Simranpal Dhanju, Lucksini Raveendran
Group 3: Ana Kovacevic, Hemisha Patel, Mathew Luen, Sheena Guglani, Quinn Demik
Group 4: Ruth Yan, Ushma Shah, Bhakti Shah, Kajeevan Yoganathan, Lynn Yuan

Video also features Sohail Mahmood (graduate student) and Amanda Lemus (McMaster Chaplaincy Centre).

Acknowledgements to Dr. Kjetil Ask, Dr. Renee Labiris, and Dr Darren Bridgewater.

Wellness and Mental Health Services

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