Pandemic strategies in COVID-19

Countries followed a variety of overarching strategies for their approach to the pandemic. These include containment, mitigation, herd immunity, and uncoordinated approaches.

Ontario physical distancing policies and epidemiology from January - September 2020: A case report

"Ontario’s first case of COVID-19 was recorded on January 25, 2020, and Ontario had 100 cases on March 14, 2020. A state of emergency was declared on March 17, 2020; at that time, there were 186 cases and 1 death. As of October 5, 2020, there were 54,814 cases and 2,980 deaths in Ontario. Figure 4 shows the number of daily cases and deaths in Ontario and dates for each of the included policies from January to October 1, 2020..."

Figure 4. Number of reported COVID-19 cases and deaths in Ontario with select policies 
from January to October 1, 2020

Presentations and events

COVID -19 Policies and Epidemiology Research Project

Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), such as public policies, have been the mainstay in the fight against COVID-19. The effectiveness of physical distancing policies in different contexts is not known and many factors play a role in the epidemiology of COVID-19. The International COVID-19 Policies and Epidemiology Working Group formed to study which policies work and where. 

Our database harmonizes international COVID-19 data on policy-relevant factors that influence acquiring or having severe outcomes from COVID-19.

Congratulations to our students on their presentations and funding awards!

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Janany Gunabalasingam_edited

Japleen Thind

Presented on COVID-19 responses in Pakistan for the Health Sciences Research Day

Peter Miller

Presented on Comparative COVID-19 responses in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland for the Life Sciences Research Day

Anna Wynfield

Received a National Science Foundation (NSF) 2021 Graduate Research Fellowship

Kaelyn McGinty

Presented on individual-level factors affecting acquisition and severity of COVID-19 for the Health Sciences Research Day

Janany Gunabalasingam

Presented on COVID-19 responses in Sri Lanka and Singapore for the Health Sciences Research Day

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