Navigation & Pages

Setting up a new site's navigation menu and pages

The template comes out-of-the-box with a couple of built-in navigation menu items as well as a streamlined structure of rules surrounding further navigation items.

In addition, the top header (where you see the McMaster logo, site title, search, and McMaster level navigation menu) as well as the footer (everything in maroon under the Secondary Footer grey bar, beginning with the McMaster Brighter World logo) are universal and cannot be altered except in extraordinary cases (such as a defined partnership with the group with a third party, for example).

Overview of Menu Items

  1. Health Sciences
    • The Health Sciences menu item includes all important faculty-level navigation items that need to be available on every site associated with the Faculty of Health Sciences. 
    • Each of these navigation items will open in a new tab so as not to disrupt the user's experience of the originating site. 
    • This menu cannot be displayed as a Mega Menu due to the length of items included, and instead it includes collapsing child page selections.
    • The site backend does not include these pages, as they are built directly into the template.
  2. Home
    • Our next menu item must always be Home.  The user can also return to the homepage of the site by clicking the name of the site in the header, but this menu item needs to also be available to accommodate all browsing habits. 
    • Home should not be created as a dropdown menu (with child pages) unless in special circumstances.
    • The homepage must be built in the backend and selected as "Homepage" with the relative URL of "/home"
  3. Optional navigation menu items
    • Any given site will have between 3 and 6 additional menu items for their top-level pages. 
    • The naming conventions of these pages is particular in most circumstances so as to not crowd the navigation bar and to assure clarity for the user. 
    • Certain tab names are standardized, such as Education, Research, or About Us.  Some groups may have individual needs that allow for unusual navigation items, but clarity and consistency in browsing a McMaster Health Sciences website is paramount.
    • Each of these pages must be built in the backend and "display in navigation" option checked.
  4. Contact Us
    • The Contact Us navigation menu item is built into the template and cannot be altered.  
    • The page must be built in the backend and "display in navigation" must NOT be checked or the page will appear twice in the menu bar. 
    • The relative URL must be "/contact-us".
    • There is a standardized structure for displaying faculty and staff contact information inside of the contact page.  Go to this demo site's Contact Us page to learn more.
  5. Give
    • The Give navigation menu item links to a standard donation hub for McMaster.
    • This menu item is built into the template and a page does not need to be created in the backend.
    • Certain independently-funded groups may have their site's Give button removed, but this is extraordinarily rare circumstance.

Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA)


The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. If there is an accessibility issue with this website, please contact us at