Thesis Prep & Submission

Preparing and submitting a Thesis

The thesis must be double-spaced with 1 inch or 2.5 cm margins. It should be written in the standard IMRAD format (Introduction/methods/results and discussion) and should also contain an abstract, list of abbreviations, references and acknowledgements.

The overall format of the thesis (which includes citations and references) should adhere to that of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. It is extremely important that the supervisor receives the final copy on or before the submission date.

A thesis must be between 30 and 85 pages in length (not including references) - most are between 40 and 60 pages.

The thesis differs from a research publication in several aspects. Some general guidelines for the various sections are given below:

  • Abstract may be single-spaced but must not be greater than one page in length. The abstract page should include the author's name, the title of the thesis, and the supervisor's name and affiliation.
  • Introduction should present a thorough review of the literature pertinent to the project. The key words here are thorough and pertinent. The objectives of the study or the hypothesis to be tested must be clearly stated.
  • Methods should be more elaborate than is normally found in a research paper. This section should provide sufficient details for the examiners to gauge the relevance of the approaches taken. Techniques should be clearly described so that the next student can carry on the work using the thesis as the major reference. Consequently, it is not enough to say the method of Burke and Hare was followed in obtaining samples for this study. Remember that analytical and statistical techniques are also methods and should be described adequately. 
  • Results should include both positive and negative outcomes. Data should be presented in a logical sequence and clearly illustrated through the use of figures and tables inserted in the Results section. Figures and tables should be accompanied by appropriate legends that allow them to be understood without reference to the text.
  • Discussion should interpret the results and outline their meaning and significance. The study should be placed in context with the current literature. Avenues for further research should be indicated. Oftentimes - because of limitations of time or the nature of the project - few meaningful data are obtained. The examiners are more interested in the approach taken to deal with problems as they arose through the course of the study. Thus negative outcomes can and should be discussed.
  • Students can assume that they have discretion over any elements of style not specifically mentioned in these guidelines


Please direct all Thesis questions to Dr. Huizinga, the Director of Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program (BHSc).

4T12 Thesis Proposal Form

This form represents both a thesis proposal and an undertaking from your supervisor. This form must be submitted by supervisors before thesis work begins.

Thesis Defense Assessment

Assessing the BioPharm Thesis Defence

While listening to the presentations, the examiners will ask themselves the following questions and then allot an overall mark:

  • Did the student give a brief succinct outline of the study proposed?
  • Were the objectives of the study clearly stated?
  • Did the student explain clearly why the particular approach(es) were taken?
  • Did the student state what she/he expected to find using the approaches defined?
  • Did the student appear to understand the conceptual basis of the approach(es) used?
  • Did the student know the strengths/weaknesses of the approach(es) used?
  • Were the statistical tests appropriate?
  • Were the results presented clearly (important issues highlighted?)
  • Did the student explain clearly the significance of the results obtained?
  • Was the student able to give reasons for failure of a particular approach (may/may not occur)?
  • Was the student able to suggest further avenues for exploration?
Please direct all Thesis questions to Dr. Huizinga, the Director of Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program (BHSc).

Thesis Defense Presentation

Please direct all Thesis questions to Dr. Huizinga, the Director of Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program (BHSc).

Thesis Grading

Guidelines for Grading a Thesis

Grading the BioPharm Thesis

The thesis document:

ComponentCriteriaMark (%)
IntroductionThorough review of the literature pertinent to the project. Objectives of the study or the hypothesis to be tested clearly stated.25
MethodsContains sufficient detail to gauge the relevance of the approaches taken. Techniques clearly described to allow repeat. Analytical and statistical techniques described adequately.20
ResultsIncludes both positive and negative outcomes, data presented in a logical sequence and clearly illustrated through the use of figures and tables. Figures and tables accompanied by appropriate legends that allow them to be understood without reference to the text.20
DiscussionResults interpreted and their meaning and significance outlined. The study placed in context with the current literature. Negative outcomes discussed. Avenues for further research indicated.25
ReferencesPertinent, adequate, uses correct style in text and bibliography.10

Performance during thesis work:

ComponentCriteriaMark (%)
InitiativeTo what degree did the student assume ownership of the project, demonstrate motivation, and take initiative in dealing with issues that arose during the course of the project?20
IndependenceTo what degree could the student be relied upon to perform the work without supervision? Did the student seek help when appropriate?20
ResponsibilityTo what degree did the student show scientific and ethical responsibility as well as responsibility towards colleagues?20
Critical senseTo what extent was the student able to evaluate the quality of data, experimental design, and current literature pertinent to the thesis topic?20
CompatibilityWhat was the quality of the student's interactions with others? To what extent was the student able to supervise, collaborate, and/or follow instructions in a collegial manner?20
Please direct all Thesis questions to Dr. Huizinga, the Director of Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program (BHSc).

Thesis Defense Schedule

Day 1: Thesis Presentation
Day 2: Thesis Presentation
Please direct all Thesis questions to Dr. Huizinga, the Director of Biology & Pharmacology Co-op Program (BHSc).

Thesis Topics

Thesis Topics 2012

Thesis Topics 2012

 StudentThesis Title Supervisor Institution
M. AhmadzaiCharacterizing K+ channel conductances in bovine intrathoracic lymphatic smooth muscle cells. L.J. Janssen McMaster University
Z. AkbarCommunication of Health Economic Evaluations: Deciphering the barriers to use and understanding of economic evaluations to facilitate better communication strategies.

*S. Sullivan

*M. Sabharwal

**C. Bell

*pan Canadian Oncology Drug Review

**University of Toronto

A. AltmanChanges in physical function and joint pain are associated with longitudinal quadriceps muscle and intermuscular fat volume. Changes in the thighs of women in the Osteoarthritis initiative. K. Beattie McMaster University
P. ChoiRisk assessment on Para-phenylenediamine in hair dye cosmetic products. J. Field Health Canada
R. CrawfordInhibition of fibrinolytic factor plasmin by covalent Antithrombin-Heparin complex (ATH) and Antithrombin + Heparin. A.K.C. Chan McMaster University
K. FungProvincial oncology drug funding in Canada: Impact of the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) on decision making. B. Kuriakose Janssen Inc.
A. HeffernanMechanism by which T-cell death associated gene 51 (TDAG51) induces apoptosis. R. Austin McMaster University
S. HennessyAn examination of breast cancer laterality and comparisons of breast tissue composition. N. Boyd Princess Margaret Hospital
S. HigginsDevelopment of a suite of biomarkers in Lasmigona costata. Prospects for efficient, cost effective environmental monitoring in the Grand River. P. Gillis Environment Canada
A. IrshadThe development of the endothelial colony forming cell (ECFC) culture technique as a reproducible assay to assess vessel formation. R. Sehmi Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health
R. JandocMeasuring the effectiveness of Health Canada issued/endorsed dear health care professional letters using an interrupted time series analysis study method. S. Reid Health Canada
M. LeeCritical assessment of the cost-effectiveness literature on advanced practice nurses (APNs) and development of a framework for future economic evaluations of APN roles. D.A. Marshall University of Calgary
N. LeonPathogenisis in Alzheimer’s disease: Uncovering the involvement of the TRPM2 channel an associated proteins. M. Jackson University of Toronto
C. McCurryThe effect of bacterial and viral exacerbation in a cigarette smoke exposure mouse model of COPD using ventilation and perfusion imaging as a measure of lung function. R. Labiris McMaster University
 T. MehtaThe role of regulatory T cells in the regulation of HDM-induced allergic responses in adults versus neonates. M. Jordana McMaster Univsersity
 Z. QureshiInducing anergy in allergic human CD4+ T-cells mediates its CCR4+expression in-vitro. M. Larche McMaster University
V. VaitheeswaranThe effect of Hydroxyurea-induced oxidative stress on heat shock protein 86 expression and localization in mouse embryos. B. Hales McGill University
B. WatThe effects of four seeds (salba, poppy, sesame and flax) on postprandial glycemia, vascular measures, appetite and sensory parameters. V. VuksanSt. Michael's Hospital 
 S. YeElucidating the role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the ability of cigarette smoke to skew host response to infection.
Thesis Topics 2011

Thesis Topics 2011

 StudentThesis Title Supervisor Institution
G. WrightCalcium and voltage sensitivity of the high conductance chloride channel from interstitial cells of CajalJ.D. HuizingaMcMaster University
S. MartzEscherichia coli Nissle 1917 conditioned media promotes peristalsis by increasing colonic motor patterns governed by the ICC-MP and enteric nervous systemJ.D. HuizingaMcMaster University
P. SchenckIntestinal epithelial cells are protected from clostridium difficile toxin-induced damage through the activity of ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73) and adenosine receptor signalingJ. MacDonald and P. BeckUniversity of Calgary
S. TurnerExamining the role of SMTNL1 in the progression of DSS-induced murine colitisJ. MacDonaldUniversity of Calgary
C. ThomsonDefining the signaling pathways contribution to inflammation in response to interleukin 17 family cytokinesS. RousseauMcGill University
B. PoirierPostnatal metabolic health following fetal and neonatal exposure to the antidepressant bupropionA. HollowayMcMaster University
M. KaczmarekLife-long maternal obesity leads to increased oxidative stress in the placenta and poor fetal outcomesS. RahaMcMaster University
J. EdwinSalmonella enteritidis: International interventions to mitigate incidence, and an analysis of Phage type trends across Canada from 1999-2008K. Thomas and C. SavelliPublic Helath Agency of Canada
G. OsienThe feasibility of drug safety and effectiveness data collection and monitoring system centered within a patient controlled health record: the MyMeds pilot studyL. DolovichCentre for the Evaluation of Medicine
 A. QuachUp-regulation of the hypoxia-inducible gene, lysyl oxidase-like 2, is a downstream effect of ETS-1 up-regulation in ovarian cancer metastasisG. SinghJuravinski Cancer Centre
J. MakEvaluating the efficacy of dehydroxymethylepoxyquinomicin, a novel nuclear factor kB inhibitor, in KRAS-driven lung tumorsF. JirikUniversity of Calgary
P. NirmalananthamInvestigating chromosome 17 polysomy and monosomy as a biomaker (sic) in women with locally advanced breast cancerL. ElavathilJuravinski Cancer Centre
E.S.Y. ChanA normalization strategy for VEGFR-2-targeted ultrasound contrast agents using high-frequency contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging in three murine tumor modelsS. FosterSunnybrook Health Science Centre
 M. WongInvestigating the mechanism of estrogen action on NMDA receptorsM.F. JacksonUniversity of Western Ontario
 K. FengEffect of arecoline from areca nut on N-benzyl-N-methylnitrosamine-induced esophageal cancer in F344 male ratsW. Ming-TsangKaohsiung Medical University
 W. KhanDevelopment of high affinity and high selectivity allosteric inhibitors (caloxins) for plasma membrance Ca2+-ATPase isoforms, PMCA 1 and PMCA 4A.K. GroverMcMaster University
 S. KassamPropofol and thiopental effects on the rat vascular function and the modulation by perivascular adipose tissue and endotheliumR. LeeMcMaster University
M. TalukdarNeuronal nuclear inclusion formation in spinocerebellar ataxia type 1R. TruantMcMaster University
Thesis Topics 2010

Thesis Topics 2010


Thesis Title



P. Beerepoot

Dose-response profile of the effect of chronic treatment with the dopamine D2/D3 agonist quinpirole on locomotor activity in the open field and accompanying changes in pre-synaptic protein expressionH. SzechtmanMcMaster University
V. LamDevelopment and validation of resorufin butyrate as a monomeric substrate for lipoprotein lipaseA. PartridgeMerck Frosst Kirkland, Quebec
A. LuuThe role of pharmacogenetics in potential herb-drug interactions: effects of ginseng on CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 allelic variantsJ. T. ArnasonUniversity of Ottawa
C. MielnikThe effect of warfarin on retinoic acid induced limb malformationsB. HalesMcGill University
D. MoldaverPeptide immunotherapy in a murine model of concurrent dual allergen exposure generates tolerance to a third-party allergen, providing evidence for bystander tolerance.M. LarchéMcMaster University
L. NattaghMultiple signaling pathways contribute to the inflammatory response of airway epithelial cells to Pseudomonas aeruginosaS. RousseauMcGill University
M. PistilliImmunohistochemical and functional studies on the calcium-sensing receptor in rat uterine smooth muscleD. J. CrankshawMcMaster University
A. ShimanovskyCharacterization of transgenic mouse models of epithelial ovarian cancer focusing on the overexpression of ID-1and determining the utility of the Ovgp1 promoterT. ShepherdUniversity of Western Ontario
B. TsoiAnti-cancer lead identification and characterization from a library of isolated natural and semi-synthetic herbal compounds using high throughput screening methodsA. C. HollowayMcMaster University
J. ZhengAn investigation into the mechanism by which clotrimazole delays the onset of labour in ratsD. J. CrankshawMcMaster University
Thesis Topics 2009

Thesis Topics 2009

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
M. CatarinoAttenuation of lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophage pro-inflammatory cytokine production in vitro by Hymenolepis diminutaD. McKayUniversity of Calgary
P. W. ChouThe effects of anti-diabetic agents on the cardiovascular system: A study of metformin & rosiglitazoneA. HollowayMcMaster University
P. L. DyrdaLoss of airway smooth muscle mechanical function from thermal injury involves the activation of TRPV2 channelsL. JanssenMcMaster University
S. H. HoBevacizumab induces cellular senescence in colorectal cancer in vitro and in vivoI. TaiUniversity of British Columbia
T. IgnacyCharacterizing an experimental stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 inhibitor in a high-sucrose very low-fat mouse modelL. XuMerck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
K. KrywionekDevelopment of a comprehensive and systematic clinical data generation planning process for pharmaceutical drug reimbursementJ. GlennieJanssen-Ortho Inc
J. LubardaInvestigating the roles in lipid metabolism of the DGKe and DGKa isoforms of diacylglycerol kinaseR. EpandMcMaster University
P. MalinouskiInvestigation of the role of Ca2+-independent phospholipase A2 in store refilling in bovine airway smooth muscle cellsL. JanssenMcMaster University
D. R. MehtaCellular protection post dsRNA stimulation in the absence of IRF3 or both IRF3 and IRF9 is length-dependent and regulated by a yet-unknown proteinK. MossmanMcMaster University
L. M. R. MonardoExamination of the putative adiponectin-mediated regulation of mTOR downstream targets; S6K and VEGFJ. PinthusMcMaster University
D. E. MoscherCharacterization of the interface between the hepatitis C virus non-structural proteins 3 and 4A, using a novel cell-based assayF. JeanUniversity of British Columbia
M. NikitovicThe development and assessment of individualized patient decision aids for warfarin treatment in atrial fibrillationA. HolbrookMcMaster University
S. L. OlinoskiDevelopmental expression of Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptors in the rat retina and cerebellum and the potential role of auxiliary binding proteinsD. BowieMcGill University
B. OrzelImmunological mechanism of peptide-based immunotherapy (PIT) in a murine model of acute house dust mite exposureM. LarchéMcMaster University
S. SalykBovine lung slicing, airway contraction, and calcium signaling in smooth muscle cellsL. JanssenMcMaster University
R. SaroyaExamining serotonin as a potential modulator of bystander effect communication in zebrafishC. MothersillMcMaster University
P. ShenTaprostene enhances the response of human BEAS-2B bronchial epithelial cells to dexamethasone: a novel approach for the treatment of COPDM. GiembyczUniversity of Calgary
M. SpaicBiophysically distinct receptors mediate the peak-amplitude and steady-state responses for the AMPA iGluR subtypeD. BowieMcGill University
B. XiongFetal and neonatal exposure to nicotine affects glucose homeostasis in a gender specific mannerA. HollowayMcMaster University
Thesis Topics 2008

Thesis Topics 2008

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
M. BaigStrain-dependent differences in allergic sensitization caused by immunization of plasmid encoding peanut allergen: Indications of the importance of mast cells and FceRIM. JordanaMcMaster University
J. CarrollOral versus intravenous cancer therapy for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer – A burden of illness studyI. TorontaliHoffmann-La Roche Ltd
S. CartlidgeDevelopment of an object recognition test: Evaluation of attentional deficit in rat pain modelsC. PumaAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
M. ChmatilInvestigating the mechanisms of cross-sensitization between the colon and bladderB. Greenwood-Van MeerveldUniversity of Oklahoma
C. D’AntonioSubstance P-activated nonselective cation channel activity in murine interstitial cells of CajalJ. HuizingaMcMaster University
A. GieslerMigration of airway smooth muscle cells, assessed on tissue-culture dishes by real-time videomicroscopy, is Src-dependentL. JanssenMcMaster University
M. HrynykCarbopol microparticles: Process parameter optimization for spray dried mucoadhesive microparticles for oral drug deliveryA. SayaniGlaxoSmithKline Inc
R. LallImprovements and insights for DMPK studies by reference compound selection for the intrinsic clearance assay and examination of the gene and protein expression of efflux transporters in CACO-2 cells as a function of culture timeR. PanettaAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
C. MooreThe cost of illness of rheumatoid arthritis in CanadaI. TorontaliHoffmann-La Roche Ltd
K. NgDevelopment of a silicone-based drug delivery system for the release of bioactive proteinsM. BrookMcMaster University
P. OstrovskyA randomized, multi-center trial comparing weight loss and metabolic effects of the South Beach Diet versus Canadian Diabetes Association dietary guidelines in obese patients with insulin-treated type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndromeV. TullyLMC
F. PeraltaMatrix metalloproteinase-13 gene regulation by the ß2-adrenoceptor in murine growth plate chondrocytesJ. MitchellUniversity of Toronto
M-A. PetreFetal and neonatal exposure to nicotine disrupts postnatal lung developmentA. HollowayMcMaster University
K. RajarthnaInvestigations of the functional role of Canonical Transient Receptor Potential 6 in resistance arteries using anti-sense oligodeoxynucleotidesJ. BraydenUniversity of Vermont
S. RowanThe role of apoptosis in the gastrocnemius muscle of long term endurance trained aging ratsR.T. HeppleUniversity of Calgary
A. WongThe cross-sectional cohort study of knee osteoarthritis (OA) patients requiring total knee arthroplasty: Novel radiographic measures for OAJ. AdachiMcMaster University
V. YuPharmacological role of cannabinoid-2 receptors on the vasculature of normal and arthritic knee jointsJ.J. McDougallUniversity of Calgary
Thesis Topics 2007

Thesis Topics 2007

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
S. AhmedPharmacological characterization of the muscarinic M1 receptorE. GrazziniAstraZeneca R & D, Montreal
D.Q. CuuTransgenerational effects of fetal and neonatal exposure to nicotineA. HollowayMcMaster University
F.A. DiGiovanniConcurrent dual allergen exposure and its effects on airway hyperresponsiveness and airway remodeling in a mouse model of chronic allergen challengeM. InmanMcMaster University
N.S. HassanaliIn vitro studies examining alternate photodynamic therapy protocols for treating brain cancerS. BislandPrincess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
D. KavanaughPrognostic biomarkers in rheumatoid arthritisS. OtawaAmgen Canada Inc.
S. LauricellaThe effects of sampling delay and pretreatment condition on the performance of several small-volume, valved holding chambersM. DolovichMcMaster University
N. MalikInvestigation of mechanisms of the novel anti-herpes simplex virus-1 drugs ISIS 5652 and salubrinalD.M. CoenHarvard Medical School
A.M. MaximThe effect of anti-interleukin-9 monoclonal antibody on mast cell-mediated peanut-induced anaphylaxisM. JordanaMcMaster University
R. NoronhaInvestigating the mechanisms of visceral organ cross-talkB. Greenwood-Van MeerveldUniversity of Oklahoma
C. ParedesE-ring isoprostane augments cholinergic neurotransmission from parasympathetic nerves in bovine airway smoothL. JanssenMcMaster University
R. PoonSignalling in radiation-induced bystander effectsC. MothersillMcMaster University
I. RaizmanDifferential responses of articular cartilage chondrocyte subpopulations to mechanical stimulationR. KandelMount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
N. RamakrishnanCharacterization of functional P2X expression in neuropathic and inflammatory rat dorsal root gangliaC. CaoAstraZeneca R & D, Montreal
J.M. RybickaIntestinal inflammation interferes with the expression and trafficking of the GLUT-2 glucose transporter in a GnT-IVa-dependent mannerW. MacNaughtonUniversity of Calgary
V. SetoE-ring isoprostane-mediated effects on ion transport in bovine tracheal epitheliumL. JanssenMcMaster University
A. ShimanovskyCapsule-in-Capsule: an alternative drug delivery method for the administration of acid-sensitive pharmaceutical compoundsP. DawsonGlaxoSmithKline
W.M. StallaertOptimized immunohistochemistry and quantification of interstitial cells of Cajal: solving the paraffin problemL. LiuMcMaster University
W.R. TongThe burden of type II diabetes in OntarioR. GoereeMcMaster University
C.S. TrambitasA structure activity relationship study of inhibitors of CYP 1A1, CYP 1A2 and CYP 1B1D.J. CrankshawMcMaster University
M. YamamuraInvestigative database analysis into drug-drug interactions concerning risperidone and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in patients with schizophreniaA. LamJanssen-Ortho Inc.
Thesis Topics 2006

Thesis Topics 2006

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
J.L. ArkinsonMucosal, but not cutaneous, Th2 immune responses are dependent on the site of initial antigen exposure and Th2 differentiation in specific lymph nodeM. JordanaMcMaster University
C.E. CestaAn investigation into the reproductive performance and glucose profile of a new strain of FSH receptor knock-out mouseM.R. SairamIRCM, Montreal
D.M. ChegeImmunization of estradiol-treated mice results in non-sterile immune protection from genital herpesC. KaushicMcMaster University
L.M. DunphyThe role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) on angiogenesis in the CAMG. SinghMcMaster University
S.S. GardeziFunctional analysis of GATA6 and its role in gliomagenesisA. GuhaHospital for Sick Children, Toronto
S. LeeThe relationship between insulin levels and histopathological changes of pancreatic beta-cells in zucker ratsJ. HuangMerck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
G. MoThe differential roles of glycine (GlyR) GABAA and NMDA receptors in mediating the spinal dorsal root-evoked ventral root potential in immature rats in vitroC.J. CaoAstraZeneca R&D, Montreal
M.H. MotagallyAn investigation of the critical parameters of the drug granulation process and their effect on the physical and pharmacological properties of the finished productsA. TalleviGlaxoSmithKline, Mississauga
S. N-MarandiSeNSoRial quest: distribution of human sensory neuron specific G-protein coupled receptor (hSNSR4) in primate tissueF. MennickenAstraZeneca R&D, Montreal
A.J. PansoyAnalyzing pharmaceutical formulations by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry: potential problems caused by impurities and excipientsP. VenneriGlaxoSmithKline, Mississauga
D.C. PrescottThe application of metabolic stress to the intestinal epithelium of mice: implications in the initiation and relapse of enteric inflammatory diseasesD.M. McKayMcMaster University
L.S. Rothwell(1-3), (1-4) –ß-D-Glucan purification from oat flour using a monoclonal anti-ß-glucan antibodyC. RampitschAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Winnipeg
J.V. ThomsonRegulation of SDF-1a-stimulated adhesion of DC34+ progenitor cells to fibronectin in vitroR. SehmiMcMaster University
N.J. TrimbleImportance of corticotropin releasing factor 1 receptors in the development of colonic sensitivity using CRF1R deficient miceB. Greenwood Van-MeerveldVA Medical Centre, Oklahoma
Thesis Topics 2005

Thesis Topics 2005

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
D.L. AngerReproductive effects of 3-methylcholanthrene in female Wistar ratsD.J. CrankshawMcMaster University
A. BhattMelatonin as a neuroprotectant in perinatal hypoxia-ischemiaM. WainwrightChildren's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
P.A. CassarIn vitro characterization of a rat neuromedin U receptor- 1 single nucleotide polymorph for the generation of a natural knock-out animalR. PanettaAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
E. CharlesworthTowards understanding contraception and Canadian women: Opinions about the contraceptive patch and experiences with sexual health-related issuesK. McKennaJanssen-Ortho Inc
D.C. ChavesThe effects of benzo[a]pyrene on expression of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, CYP1A1, CYP1B1 and the activities of matrix metalloproteinases 2 & 9 in BT-474 breast cancer cellsW.G. FosterMcMaster University
W. ChengEvaluation of cellular apoptotic response to low dose ionizing radiation and inhibition of mitogen activated protein kinase pathwayD.R. BorehamMcMaster University
I. KasulePharmacoeconomic analysis: Estimating the cost effectiveness of rituximab in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in CanadaL. ReddingHoffmann-LaRoche Ltd
E. LeungInvestigations of a non-persisting gammaherpesvirus infectionE.J. UsherwoodDartmouth Medical School
L. MilaniModulation of TRPV1 by human sensory neuron-specific G-protein coupled receptor (hSNSR4) in a heterologous systemE. GrazziniAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
E. RoseExpression of TTX-resistant voltage-gated sodium channels in rat dorsal root gangliaH. AkbaraliOklahoma University
S. StruiksmaProteinase activated receptor activation in human intestinal epithelial cells reveals a concentration dependent effect on barrier function that is perhaps independent of prostaglandin productionM.H. PerdueMcMaster University
C. WhitingTheranostics in rheumatoid arthritis (RA): Optimizing diagnosis and disease management of early RA with a novel antibody test and biologic therapy - strategy evaluation using a cost-utility analysisS. OtawaAmgen Canada Inc
Thesis Topics 2004

Thesis Topics 2004

StudentThesis TitleSupervisorInstitution
G. AwongRegulation of the classic prostaglandin D2receptor: DPD. SlipetzMerck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
C.L. BakerArachidonyl-2-chloroethylamide (ACEA) induced vasodilatation in rat knees is mediated via CB1 and TRPVRI receptors on primary afferent nervesJ.J. McDougallUniversity of Calgary
C. BlattlerThe effects of alcohol on the early onset of labour via the MaxiK channelS. EnglandUniversity of Iowa
R.P. BoninCharacterization of acid secretion physiology in the isolated stomach of Flinders line ratsR. HuntMcMaster University
M.T. DuongA tale of two opioid receptorsC. HoffertAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
L. FeldcampCaught in the act: Determining syntaxin interactions with N-type voltage gated calcium channelsG.W. ZamponiUniversity of Calgary
J. HirotaStrain dependent effects of chronic allergen challenge on sustained airway hyperresponsiveness and airway remodelingM. InmanMcMaster University
I.L FerrusiProteomic identification of biomarkers for the diagnostics of insulin resistance and type II diabetesR. ZhangSyn-X Pharma Inc
C.K. FongExpression of the PGD2 receptor CRTH2 in human nasal mucosaF.G. GervaisMerck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
J. KwofieCloning, expression, and purification of untagged S100B proteinP. FarrellSyn-X Pharma Inc
G.E. LimThe effects of in utero exposures to chloroform on birth weight and postnatal health in male Wistar ratsW.G. FosterMcMaster University
A. MullenCOX-1, COX-2 and microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 contribute to the generation of PGE2 in the carrageenan-injected mouse pawD. XuMerck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research
S. PacittoImpact of inhaled corticosteroids on the immune-inflammatory response to chronic allergen exposure in miceM. JordanaMcMaster University
K. PlakuDevelopment and implementation of a functional assay for compound screeningJ. WilsonNPS Pharmaceuticals
M. RobertsThe role of inwardly rectifying potassium channels in conducted dilationD.G. WelshUniversity of Calgary
A. RutledgeEarly exogenous surfactant treatment in a rat model of hyperoxia exposure combined with mechanical ventilationJ. LewisUniversity of Western Ontario
R. ScarboroughMu- but not delta-opioid receptor activation depresses nociceptive transmission in the isolated spinal cord of immature ratsC.Q. CaoAstraZeneca R&D Montreal
T. SchmidtPeroxynitrite resistance in porcine coronary artery endothelium and smooth muscleA.K. GroverMcMaster University
S. Tavakoli28 Day toxicity study in rats with the pentabromo diphenyl ether commercial mixture DE-71D.L. ArnoldHealth Canada
L. WatkinsA sub-chronic study of ovarian toxicity of the pesticide DDT metabolite DDE in the Sprague Dawley ratW.G. FosterMcMaster University