Has the program administratively switched to the Faculty of Health Sciences?
Why has the program switched?
What Is Pharmacology?
Will I Become A Pharmacist After Completing The Biology And Pharmacology Program?
What is problem-based learning?
You Said I Need A McMaster GPA of 6.0 to get in, but what do I really need to get into the program?
Do I have to complete all the prerequisites before applying?
How are the interviews conducted?
Can I apply after level III?
When is the application due?
Will I be notified with the outcome of a successful or an unsuccessful interview?
How do I find a thesis supervisor?
What Biology courses do I take?
Do I have any electives?
Is it required for me to do a co-op placement?
How do I find co-op placements?
What career opportunities are available to Honours Biology & Pharmacology Program Graduates?