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Pharmacology 4A03: Drug - Receptor Interactions
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Pharmacology 4T12 Honours Applied Research Project (Undergraduate Thesis)



The Objective is for the student to get experience in conducting original research; to do in depth and full time  for 4 months, preparation, literature research, conducting original experiments, writing all this in a formal thesis format. In other words, it is the ideal preparation for work in an academic setting or starting a Master's degree. It fosters critical thinking, working to a certain extent independently and perseverance It is one of the components of our program that makes employers or professors want to hire our students.The thesis differs from an essay or a project in the depth of scholarship required and a greater degree of involvement in the gathering and analysis of data. 

Work on the thesis must be undertaken for no less than a four-month period during the summer or fall semester. The thesis document has to be submitted to the supervisor in December. the complete thesis document must be submitted to the program each January (see below). Students may work under the direct supervision of a McMaster faculty member or perform thesis work at sites outside of the university. In either case, thesis projects may be combined with a work term to span an eight or twelve month period of time. 

Supervision of thesis projects by McMaster faculty or other employers is facilitated by the Honours Biology & Pharmacology Program. The program Director may adjust supervision marking if inequalities in judgement criteria are noted, in consultation with the supervisor. The thesis term does not get paid. In any negotiations with potential supervisors, it is obligatory that the students make it clear that a thesis project is not a paid position in principle. In some settings, (industry, government) the supervisor is mandatory to only have paid employees, in those cases, payment is acceptable. In some settings, working in other parts of the country, the supervisor is free to pay for expenses such as travel or accommodation, if such is negotiated. 

The Pharmacology 4T12 Honours Thesis Proposal document must be completed and returned to the Program Director, Dr. Huizinga, for approval. 

1. If the supervisor is experienced in supervising undergraduate research projects in academic environment, you have to let the Program Director known as soon as you have secured a thesis project. Please email Stephanie ( with a provisional title, name and email address of the supervisor. Submission of the project proposal should be done no later than at the end of the first week of starting the project. 

2. If the supervisor has no experience, with supervising undergraduate projects, but the project will be a classical lab based study, the proposal should be sent to the Program Director as soon as possible after you have secured a position, but no later than 2 weeks before starting the project. Please email proposal to Stephanie ( or to Dr. Huizinga as soon as possible. 

3. If the supervisor is in a non-academic environment you have to contact the Program Director to discuss the thesis proposal. If has to be fully understood that the thesis project is an academic exercise with original reserach that has to be defended in public. If any proprietary issues are involved, this should be clarified and approved by the Program Director as soon as possible. 

The thesis defenses will take place on a weekend in February or March of that academic year. The Program Director, Dr. Huizinga, will consult with the students as to which weekend is best. It is mandatory for all students to attend all student defenses over the entire weekend. 

There are several components to the evaluation of the thesis: 




Performance during the thesis work 



Written thesis 



Written thesis 



Thesis defense 






Dates for Summer 2020 Thesis Project

January- Hand in thesis to Supervisor

February  - Hand in thesis to BioPharm Program (email:

March- Thesis Defense Weekend - all are obligated to attend both days