Purchasing (Lab Admins)


  • Non-PO Voucher--WIRE TRANSFER
  • Strategic Procurement Policy
  • Sole or Single Source Certificate
  • TIP: Ensuring your single or sole-source purchase requisition gets proper review - *IMPORTANT* - Purchases made on a CFI account must be cleared through FHS Research Finance PRIOR to the requisition being submitted.
    Three steps you must take to seek review and approval from the AVP Administration & CFO
    When attaching a completed (i.e. signed) Single/Sole Source (S/S) form to a purchase requisition, you MUST: Select “Requisition Activities”, check “done”, and enter “Sole Source” in the comments field
    This will route the Single/Sole Source form to the AVP Administration & CFO within PeopleSoft to seek approval. If the “done” option isn’t selected, the requisition won’t route to the AVP Administration & CFO for review. Please remember to use the current Single/Sole Source form document posted on the Strategic Procurement website.
    Guiding a Sole Source Form to AVP 
  • Mosaic FAQ
  • Information on Non-Domestic Ordering (Ordering outside of Canada)

Buying at Titles/University Campus Stores


In order to make a purchase at the Titles bookstore, you will be required to provide the full Chart field string as well as the employee id of the individual with signing authority on the project provided. The buyer will then sign as themselves and must be prepared to show identification.
University Campus Stores requires a delegation form signed before they will allow someone to make a purchase using a chart field. This form can be found here.

  • The ID number of the person making the purchase is entered into the cash register.
  • If the ID has not been entered into the system, by Research Finance; as a delegate to the project, the transaction cannot be completed.
  • Policy: Purchasing at the Bookstore

Ordering Office Supplies

General office supplies can be purchases through Grand and Toy (Office Max) using your BMO P-Card at checkout. Deliveries to the FHS are every Tuesday.

Ordering Paper

To ensure the fastest possible processing, please use the form at http://campusstore.mcmaster.ca/orderpaper to place your orders for office paper supplies. All fields must be completed to process your order.

Buying at Scientific Stores


Chemical purchases

  • ABB Scientific Stores, ABB B166, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
  • Purchasing using a mosaic account number is the same as purchasing items at the HSC Scientific Store, so you will need all the account information as well as an authorized id number. When you are purchasing a chemical and are transporting it to another location on campus, you must have proper chemical handling health and safety training, the proper container to carry the chemical, and you will need to fill out the HECHMET form at the ABB desk detailing where the chemical is being transferred to as the University now keeps track of the location of all chemicals on campus. Bring McMaster photo id.
  • Bring your full chart field string. Keep ALL receipts.

Purchase Requisitions


In order to enter a Purchase Requisition in the new Mosaic system:It is highly recommended, that you attend the in class training offered through the Mosaic Learning Hub.

Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Laboratory staff must ensure they have access to PeopleSoft. Log in with your Mac Id here to make your request.

Once logged in, please select the following choices on this electronic form:Purchasing - PO - Department Process Specialist - this will allow you to enter requisitions.Travel and Expense - Claimant of Expenses, Travel Authorizations and Cash Advances - this will allow you to be reimbursed following travel or for the purchase of PI authorized miscellaneous lab expenses.Once completed - the request will be sent to the PI for approval.



P-Card (BMO MasterCard)


[Click here for information about the new BMO MasterCard as well as instructions on how to apply]

Often when ordering online or by telephone, the address and/or telephone number associated with the BMO card is required. This information must be given exactly or the purchase will be denied. Repeated attempts with the incorrect information can send a 'flag' to MasterCard and the account may be frozen for precautionary measures.

The address/phone number associated with all Biochemistry P-Cards is:

1280 Main Street, Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8 - 289-305-5877

Please notify our Customs & Traffic Department regarding Non-Domestic orders purchased on your P-Card. When sending your email please ensure you include the following:

  • Company Name & Address
  • Item Purchased (Item Number & Description)
  • Pricing (Copy of scanned Quotation)
  • Account Number (Required if additional shipping charges are incurred.)

By sending the following information to customs@mcmaster.ca (John Bentley) and yeoj@mcmaster.ca (Jan Yeo) they will have the required information to ensure your goods can cross the border smoothly.

When using your P-Card for cross border shipments, please give the supplier(s) your pre-Mosaic, 10-digit account number as the PO number. Please ask the supplier(s) to ensure the number is on the commercial invoice and on ALL packaging.

Freight & Brokerage Instruction Sheet for Journal Entry

Travel and Expense


How do I delegate authority for entry in the Mosaic system for Travel and Expenses?

Please log into Mosaic using your MAC ID and password. 

Once logged in:

  • In center of screen, click on Mosaic home and select Employee Self-Serve.
  • Select Travel and Expense Tile
  • Select Delegate TNE Entry Authority
  • Click on the “+” sign then add user names, jgarnet and allanm
  • Save
What form do I need to complete to claim travel expenses? 
What travel expenses can I claim?
What if I've lost or was not issued a receipt?
What rules do I need to follow when taking a Research Leave?

Who do I submit my travel expense claims to?

Our Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences Accounting Assistant is:

Jackie Stewart

4H21A Health Sciences Centre

905-525-9140 ext. 22562