Professional Development Allowance

What is the University Policy relating to my Professional Development Allowance?


Who can I contact with questions related to my PDA?


How to access to your PDA/MPDA account - Faculty and Managers


If you have any issues with running these reports please contact Debbie Weisensee ( ext. 26115.


New Enhanced PDA Reporting


Do you want to know the balance of your PDA/MPDA/LPDA account or see what you have spent?  If so, we now have an easy way for you to do this.




This is what you will see.  Click on PDA Bal by Person to see your balance, and PDA Details by Person to see your transactions.  HINT:  REMEMBER TO TYPE IN 2 ZERO’S BEFORE YOUR EMPLOYEE ID # 009999999




If you are an administrator of PDA funds, you will see a new Tile on your MOSAIC Home Page named Administrative Reporting.




If you click on this Tile you will see reports for PDA Balance and PDA Details.  As well as the ability to run both of these reports by person, you can also run them for a single department or range of departments.