MOSAIC Links and Information

How do I find an account number to the Chartfield String?

  1. Log into Mosaic with your mac id
  2. On the 'Home' page click the 'Support and Documentation' tile
  3. Click on the ‘How to Guide’ tile
  4. On the Left side – go to General Ledger Accounts (not General Ledger)
  5. Click on the Legacy to Peoplesoft account number chart

Navigation to Research Project Statement

  • Log into Mosaic with your mac id
  • On the ‘Home’ page click on My Research Tile
  • Click on Research Project Statement (RPS) (Top Left Tile) or
    • Fill in Parameters
    • PC Business Unit: RFHSC
    • Project number
  • Enter frame you require
  • Click save, then Run Report – message appears “1 report(s) submitted for processing”, click ok, then Click on Report Manager
  • Click Refresh (top right) until the report appears
  • Once it is available, click on the statement

The search mechanism for drilling down in Journal Entries approval process: is as follows:

  • Click on link to journal entry from email asking for approval.
  • Click “Go to Journal Entry Page” (upper right side of screen).
  • Click “Search Criteria” (second column from left under “Journal ID” number.
    • If you do not know which possible account of yours is being charged, type 10170 beside "Department" and click "ok". You will then see a page with all BBS Department charges.
  • Your account number will be found under “Project” heading.
  • Click the box(es) to the left of your charge(s) under the first column entitled “Select”, click ok. You will then be sent back to the main journal entry page. If the charges are correct, click the Approve button on the bottom left of the screen.

Travel and Expense

How do I delegate authority for entry in the Mosaic system for Travel and Expenses?


Please log into Mosaic using your MAC ID and password. Once logged in:

  • In center of screen, click on Mosaic home and select Employee Self-Serve.
  • Select Travel and Expense Tile
  • Select Delegate TNE Entry Authority
  • Click on the “+” sign then add user names, jgarnet and allanmi
  • Click Save

Who do I submit my travel expense claims to?


Our Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences Accounting Assistant is:

Jackie Stewart

4H21A Health Sciences Centre

905-525-9140 ext. 22562