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The Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences offers three Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biochemistry program streams, a Minor, as well as a Bachelor/Master of Health Sciences program in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization:

Eligibility and Application to Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.)

Information for High School Students

Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.) is a Level II entry program. Students typically apply at the end of their first year of undergraduate studies at McMaster.

Students from any undergraduate program who have met the course and GPA requirements may be considered for admission. Although there is no program requirement to be eligible for admission, these courses are most commonly completed in the Life Science Gateway I program. Full admission requirements for Honours Biochemistry  are found on the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. For admission information related to Life Science Gateway I, please see the Office of the Associate Dean of Science's website, and contact them with any inquiries. 

Admission Requirements - Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.)

Current McMaster Undergraduate Students

Eligibility for admission into Honours Biochemistry is based on GPA, and completion of the following courses. Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.) is a limited enrollment program.  A minimum GPA of 5.0 is required for consideration, but the GPA cutoff will change year to year based on the merit of that year's applicants. 

Course Requirements:

  • 6 units of BIOLOGTY 1A03 and BIOLOGY 1M03
  • 6 units of CHEM 1A03 and CHEM 1AA3
  • 3 units of MATH 1A03 or MATH 1LS3
  • 3 units of PHYSICS 1A03 or PHYSICS 1C03
  • 6 units from the Science I Course List

Note: A grade of at least C+ in four of BIOLOGY 1A03, 1M03, CHEM 1A03, 1AA3 and either MATH 1A03 or 1LS3 is required.

There is no supplementary application to complete for admission into Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.).

All Other Students

Students with at least 1 year completed at another university are eligible to apply to Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.) through OUAC (105 application). Admission is by selection, and course equivalencies to the admission requirements needed by current McMaster students must be completed. 


Level 2 Program Option: Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.)

  • A more broadly based academic program that would be chosen if you intend to apply to a professional school or if graduate school is not one of your main aims. It allows more room for electives to pursue other interests (e.g. a minor in another faculty).
  • After admission in level 2, students may remain in Honours Biochemistry (B.H.Sc.), or may choose to apply to one of the department's Level III-Entry programs.

Entry from Third Year:

Honours Biochemistry  - Biomedical Research Specialization (B.H.Sc.)

  • For students interested in gaining hands-on experience with the cutting-edge research done in our department.
  • A research intensive option offers up to 21 units of additional laboratory experience to students who may be interested in pursuing graduate studies or a career in research and development.
  • Admission is from Level 2 Honours Biochemistry, and in-course requirements are found in the Undergraduate Calendar 
  • Additional supplementary application may be required. Please contact for details.

Honours Biochemistry - Biomedical Research Specialization Co-op (B.H.Sc.)

  • This 5-year work-study program provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop laboratory skills while obtaining work experience relevant to academia or the private sector.
  • Entry in Level III following completion of Level II
  • Please go to the Science Career and Co-operative Education website for more information:
  • Admission and in-course requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

Bachelor-Master in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization

  • Please go to the BDC Program website for more information:
  • Admission and in-course requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

The Department also offers specializations through other faculties:

Honours Arts & Science and Biochemistry

  • Offered through the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Admission and in-course requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

Honours Integrated Science and Biochemistry

  • Offered through the Honours Integrated Science Program
  • Admission and in-course requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar

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