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FALL/WINTER 2021/2022: Course outlines below are drafts posted early to provide as much information as possible to students in advance of registration. Final outlines will be provided at the start of each course. 

Level II Courses

Nucleic Acid Structure and Function - BIOCHEM 2B03
Protein Structure and Function - BIOCHEM 2BB3
Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry - BIOCHEM 2EE3
Inquiry in Biochemical Techniques - BIOCHEM 2L06
Exploring Careers in Biomedical Sciences - BIOMEDDC 2C03
Write right for your science: Scientific writing for the biomedical sciences - BIOMEDDC 2W03 (No longer offered)

Level III Courses

Biochemical Research Practice - BIOCHEM 3A03
Practical Bioinformatics in the Genomics Era - BIOCHEM 3BP3
Emerging Discovery in Cell Biology - Biochem 3CB3
Metabolism and Regulation - BIOCHEM 3D03
Proteins and Nucleic Acids - BIOCHEM 3G03
Clinical Biochemistry - BIOCHEM 3H03
Advanced Biochemistry Techniques - BIOCHEM 3LA3
Microbial Interactions - Biochem 3MI3
Research Project - BIOCHEM 3R06
Structural Determination and Analysis of Macromolecules - Biochem 3Z03

Level IV Course

Inquiry in Biochemistry - BIOCHEM 4C03
Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Development - BIOCHEM 4E03
Senior Thesis - BIOCHEM 4F09
Biotechnology and Drug Discovery - BIOCHEM 4H03
Immunological Principles in Practice - BIOCHEM 4J03
Cellular and Integrated Metabolism - BIOCHEM 4M03
Molecular Membrane Biology - BIOCHEM 4N03
Biochemical Pharmacology - BIOCHEM 4Q03
Introduction to Molecular Biophysics - BIOCHEM 4S03
Senior Thesis - BIOCHEM 4T15
Senior Project - BIOCHEM 4Z03

Courses No Longer Offered

Courses No Longer Offered

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