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Level II Courses

Nucleic Acid Structure and Function - BIOCHEM 2B03
Protein Structure and Function - BIOCHEM 2BB3
Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry - BIOCHEM 2EE3
Inquiry in Biochemical Techniques - BIOCHEM 2L06
Exploring Careers in Biomedical Sciences - BIOMEDDC 2C03
Write right for your science: Scientific writing for the biomedical sciences - BIOMEDDC 2W03

Level III Courses

Biochemical Research Practice - BIOCHEM 3A03
Practical Bioinformatics in the Genomics Era - BIOCHEM 3BP3
Metabolism and Regulation - BIOCHEM 3D03
Research Advances in Cell Biology and Biochemistry - BIOCHEM 3EE3
Proteins and Nucleic Acids - BIOCHEM 3G03
Clinical Biochemistry - BIOCHEM 3H03
Advanced Biochemistry Techniques - BIOCHEM 3LA3
Microbial Interactions - Biochem 3MI3
Research Project - BIOCHEM 3R06
Structural Determination and Analysis of Macromolecules - Biochem 3Z03

Level IV Course

Inquiry in Biochemistry - BIOCHEM 4C03
Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Development - BIOCHEM 4E03
Senior Thesis - BIOCHEM 4F09
Biotechnology and Drug Discovery - BIOCHEM 4H03
Immunological Principles in Practice - BIOCHEM 4J03
Cellular and Integrated Metabolism - BIOCHEM 4M03
Molecular Membrane Biology - BIOCHEM 4N03
Biochemical Pharmacology - BIOCHEM 4Q03
Introduction to Molecular Biophysics - BIOCHEM 4S03
Senior Thesis - BIOCHEM 4T15
Senior Project - BIOCHEM 4Z03

Courses No Longer Offered

Courses No Longer Offered