Research Programs

Anesthesia research at McMaster University ranges from bench research to clinical research in a number of areas. Our mean areas of focus are perioperative medicine, pain medicine, anesthesia education and simulation, and cardiac anesthesia and thrombosis.

Perioperative Medicine

Our research focuses on the incidence, prevention, and risk factors for cardiac events in the perioperative period. In collaboration with the Department of Medicine, several members of our department are collaborating on a number of large, multicentre clinical trials. The VISION study is a prospective cohort study of 40,000 patients, aged 45 years or older, having non-cardiac surgery that investigates the incidence of major vascular events and the optimal clinical model to predict these events. The POISE-2 study is a large, multicentre randomized controlled trial that is designed to determine the impact of ASA and clonidine on vascular death and non-fatal MI amongst patients having non-cardiac surgery.

For inquiries on research opportunities in perioperative medicine, please contact:

Shanthanna, Harsha MD, MBBS, MSc, DNB, FIPP
Paul, James MD, MSc, FRCPC

Chronic and Transitional Pain Medicine

Chronic pain research is currently focusing on the development and dissemination of best practice guidelines for chronic pain management. The Canadian Opioid Guideline for safe and effective use of opioids for chronic non-cancer pain was recently developed. The plan is to develop more guidelines by supporting clinical trials and systematic reviews that investigate the diagnosis and management of various pain conditions.

For research opportunities in our pain fellowship, please contact:

Shanthanna, Harsha MD, MBBS, MSc, DNB, FIPP
Buckley, Norm MD, FRCPC

Education Research

Education research is currently focusing on qualitative studies that evaluate international postgraduate anesthesia education and compare it with the Canadian experience.

For research opportunities in education research, please contact:

Wong, Anne PhD, FRCPC
Monteiro, Sandra PhD, MSc

Cardiac Anesthesia and Thrombosis

Cardiac anesthesia research is addressing the impact of coagulation and thrombosis on perioperative outcomes. In collaboration with the University of Toronto, we are investigating the potential of thromboelastography (TEG) in predicting postoperative complications in patients having non-cardiac surgery. Another observational study is evaluating the role of factor XIII levels in predicting the bleeding risk in patients having cardiac surgery.

For research opportunities in cardiac anesthesia and thrombosis, please contact:

Syed, Summer MD, FRCPC
Le Manach, Yannick MD, PhD, MSc
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