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Welcome to the Department of Anesthesia within the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. The department has experienced steady growth over the last 10 years and is currently comprised of 34 full-time faculty and 165 part-time faculty.

Our major strength is people and several members of the department are in significant leadership roles within the hospitals and academic programs. Our hospital partners include Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare locally, but we also reach out into the community through the Waterloo Regional Campus and the Niagara Regional Campus.

- Dr. James Paul, Professor & Chair



Dr. Mike Surette - The diversity of the human microbiome revealed through cultivation and sequencing

Via Zoom , Registration Required
Tracy Stojanovic


with Saad Syed MD/PhD student, Sharok Shekarriz PhD student, Evan Mann and Hooman Derakhshani Postdoctoral Fellows

The human microbiome is now implicated in almost all aspects of human health and disease. While much of the study of the microbiome has been carried out by culture-independent sequencing, the Surette lab has focused on culturing the microbiome combined with high throughput sequencing. These culture-enriched metagenomics and genomic approaches reveal greater diversity in the microbiome than culture-independent methods alone. The lab is focused on developing high throughput culturing and phenotyping methods to investigate infectious disease and the microbiome, applying and improving next-generation sequencing approaches to characterize the microbiome, exploiting beneficial properties of the human microbiome, and how the microbiome changes across the life course. Four vignettes of current research will be presented: how the microbiome responds to environmental and dietary toxins (Saad Syed), the manipulation of host glycans by the microbiome (Evan Mann), using culture-enriched metagenomics to understand fecal transplant therapy in treatment of ulcerative colitis (Sharok Shekarriz), and identification of novel integrative and conjugative elements (ICE) from comparative genomics and metagenomics of Lachnospiraceae (Hooman Derakhshani).