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Welcome to the Department of Anesthesia within the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. The department has experienced steady growth over the last 10 years and is currently comprised of 34 full-time faculty and 165 part-time faculty.

Our major strength is people and several members of the department are in significant leadership roles within the hospitals and academic programs. Our hospital partners include Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare locally, but we also reach out into the community through the Waterloo Regional Campus and the Niagara Regional Campus.

- Dr. James Paul, Professor & Chair



2021 Indigenous Health Conference Anti-Indigenous Racism: Fostering Individual and Institutional Allyship

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Aanii, She-kon, Sge^no, Greetings!

The Indigenous Health Learning Lodge and  The McMaster Indigenous Health Movement are proud to present the 2021 Indigenous Health Conference. Taking place on February 27th, the theme of the conference is centered on combatting anti-Indigenous racism through institutional and individual allyship. Conference attendees will hear from researchers, healthcare practitioners, traditional practitioners, and health advocates about the ways in which racism and bias in healthcare disproportionately impact the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Speakers will discuss how institutions are leading the charge for healthcare reform to provide equitable and culturally safe care, as well as the integral role of personal health advocacy towards this outcome.

The conference is open to researchers, healthcare practitioners, traditional practitioners, students, and community members alike, to create a day of meaningful relationship building and the sharing of knowledge.

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