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Wellness Resource Bulletin #2

May 13, 2020

Managing stress, fear and anxiety

Helpful insights and practical tips from the Canadian Psychological Association: “Emotional and Psychological Challenges Faced by Frontline Health Care Providers During the COVID 19 Pandemic":  Psychology Works

Great video with practical  tips for managing fear and stress, and maintaining performance during the crisis featuring;

High performance psychologist Dr. Jason Brooks


Wellness Resource Bulletin #3

May 20, 2020

Strengthening Your Resilience

“Ensuring our own wellbeing as we care for others during the  COVID 19 Crisis.”

Strengthening your resilience through the 5 C’s: Control, Commitment, Connections, Calming, Care for Self by Dr. Mamta Gautam

See: COVID-19 Bulletin#1

Psychological First Aid for Frontline Health Care Providers A QUICK GUIDE TO WELLNESS 

This is a great practical workbook for enhancing your wellness and resilience, written in a user friendly way by clinical psychologist, Dr. Melanie Joanisse. The workbook discusses a variety of evidence-based approaches that you can chose based on your preferences. It offers quick and effective tips and strategies for increasing personal and relational well-being during these challenging times. Thanks to Dr. Desi Reddy for passing this helpful resource along!

See: Psychological First Aid for Frontline Health Care Providers During COVID-19


Wellness Resource Bulletin #4

May 27, 2020

Strengthening Your Resilience

Recognizing a Colleague in Distress

“Responding to the needs of Distressed Physicians” Powerpoint presentation  by Dr. Michael Kaufmann

“The key to recognition is knowing the performance baseline from which a person normally functions”

Dr. Kaufmann walks through the “early, late and end stage signs” and offers concrete suggestions on how to help a colleague in distress.

  • Canadian Medical Protective Association podcast on moral distress

     Canadian Medical Protective Association Podcast

Where to get additional help/counselling

Mental health and psychological support (SJH) SJH Support


Faculty Peer Support

Peer Support

Wellness Resource Bulletin #1

May 7, 2020

Peer Support: Get a Buddy!

This is Mental Health Awareness Week but we are running a marathon in the COVID era. We need ways to sustain our mental and emotional well-being over a long term. One of the ways is to get a “running buddy”.  The buddy system of peer support involves identifying one or two people that you can check in with regularly to support each other and identify when further help is needed.


Ted Bober of the OMA Physician Health Program talks about the buddy system in the April CAS Townhall on Physician Wellness

See: CAS Town Hall Webinar


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