History of the Department of Anesthesia

The Department of Anesthesia at McMaster University presents the historical development of the specialty of anesthesia with specific focus on the progress of professionals, administration, research, education, and clinical services in the Hamilton region.

While additional focus is placed upon the formulation of the academic Department of Anesthesia following the opening of the McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) in 1972, the historical account intends to recollect the advancement in relation to the medical community as a whole. The history documented here aims to outline the Department of Anesthesia as cultivating and expanding amongst diverse medical organizations and the history of health care in the Hamilton region.

Timeline of the History of Anesthesia


To access the presentation of the department of Anesthesia, highlighting the development of healthcare in Hamilton, the practice of anesthesia, and the establishment and growth of the Department of Anesthesia at McMaster University, please click the link below.

In order to navigate the Prezi presentation, please use the arrows at the bottom of the screen. When on the main page of the presentation (timeline with dates), you may click on the red circle to skip to a particular time period, but the arrows need to be used after this to access all of the information of the slides.

History of the Department of Anesthesia

PDF File

A PDF of the history of the anesthesia is also available here.

Other Historical Resources

  • The History of Anaesthesia in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada by Drs. R.M. Stringer and D.V. Catton | Click here to access
  • Biographical Sketches of Anesthetists Who Have Practiced in the Hamilton Area Since the Introduction of the Specialty | Click here to access
  • Department Report, 2002 | Click here to access

Faculty Video Interviews

Intro Video

Dr. Peachey

Dr. Puchalski

Dr. Dauphin

Dr. Morison

Dr. Browne

Dr. Moudgil

Dr. Ashworth

Dr. Fargas-Babjak

Dr. McLean

Dr. Bota

Dr. Lepinskie

Dr. Baxter

Dr. Lee

Dr. Smedstad

Dr. Hewson

Dr. Wright

Drs. Marion and Robert Morgan

Dr. deGraft-Johnson

Dr. McChesney

Dr. Buckley

Anesthesia at McMaster: Beyond Life Support

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